Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Surgery is scheduled for October 2nd.

Here's an email to my surgeon I just sent which sums up my concerns at the moment.


had mri on sunday. pretty sure i found yet another lump near scar line from my first two surgeries-- bit bigger than a pea. also having constant pain in arm, hand, neck, upper back, little numbness in hand. T3's helping sort of. I can't help but think that there is something more than scar tissue going on elsewhere too as the whole area just seems to be getting harder and protruding more.

also, wondering if i will need to spend the night in hospital after surgery? i would definitely rather not unless absolutely necessary... first lnd i was fine going home, second i stayed in hospital but i think i would have been fine at home. it is your call, i'm not sure what the risks are to me leaving. i just know i'd be much more comfortable at home (sleep! and food!) and the expenses to my family in accom. and food would be greatly reduced.




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