Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sarah's in rough shape. She received a weeks worth of radiation to the head and a single dose to the R. breast. No response. The last 2 days she's been in a drug induced sleep, the days previous to this involved periods of intense anxiety and pain, with few words to express herself. It' s so hard to write this next line. After fighting like no other, Sarah's going to die. Her Dr. thinks a few short days to a few short weeks. She' s resting peacefully, but she must be in agony. I just hope she's OK and finds some long awaited peace and dosen't have to hear the C-word anymore, Where ever this place is, it will be much better off with Sarah in it. She's got lots more love to spread.

Safe travels my love.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

another update by Derek

I'll just write a quick update now and I'll write more soon.

Sarah says hello to all and really wishes she could be the one giving the update.

Sarah's been in hospital for almost 4 weeks and during that time she's had surgery to remove the very large tumors that had broken through the skin on her arm and shoulder, they had become very infected. She has battled through some kidney problems and was almost put on dialysis (kidneys working perfectly again). She's finally started to feel better the last 3 or 4 days and there's also been an increase in her caloric intake and a slight movement towards solid food. All that said she received some devastating news 2 days ago, the cancer has moved into her brain, 2 small metastasises were found on a ct scan(Radiation is still a good possibility, still waiting to talk to the radiologist(s) . We're still fighting, yet understand what this means. Its a very sad time, but we live each moment, laughing and crying, and kissing and snuggling. Sarah's holding on tight and we'll make this road last and last, life is so sad but it's so good, everyday with my hero is a splendid one. Thanks for everybody's praying, and well wishes.

Right now we're focused on coming home. I'll update soon