Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Waiting to Exhale

Spent last 2 days in Toronto seeing different doctors about my lump.

My medical onc felt what I felt, and also thought he felt something else. Gulp. I felt what he felt and was pretty sure that was just scar tissue from prior surgeries. But I'm not a doctor, just a know-it-all.

Today I had two FNAs (Fine Needle Aspirations) which is where they stick a needle in the lump(s) to draw junk (yes, that's the medical term) out to biopsy. God bless Princess Margaret Hospital as they can draw the fluid, and read the slide and get an answer in 5 minutes! He said he could only see blood cells in the sample which is AWESOME but he took one more sample and I'll get the results Friday. Derek's mouth was open in awe during the whole thing, he was so intrigued by the process. I don't think he was grossed out, he was just utterly amazed at what the doctors were doing.

The tiny lump I found is so small that it could barely be aspirated and he said that he can't be 100% sure it isn't cancerous because the sample was so small. So, I have an appointment with my surgical onc on Friday for a consult and from there we'll make an appointment to get the sucker out and it can be biopsied better. Third surgery to my poor armpit in a year and a half.

I also had a CT scan which will show if there are any tumours anywhere else in my body. Results likely Friday from my surgeon. That's the really scare one. Please don't be in any organs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, there is hope! This could be a false alarm.

We also scored free tickets to Cronenberg's Andy Warhol exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and when we return this weekend to the T-dot we'll get to check that out. We have a very fun 1st anniversary weekend planned in Toronto, I just hope we get some great news to kick it off with otherwise it'll be hard to enjoy the weekend.

Here's a wedding pic of us because we're so cute! July 9, 2005 will be one year! How did that happen? In fact, where did the last 8.5 years we've been together go!

He's my bestest friend and it breaks my heart he has to go thru this shit with me.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Miss Melanoma said...

Que Sarah (Sarah),
Congrats on the FNA results! And I'm so jealous of your free tickets to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. Maybe they're from your fairy godmother who hopes to give you something pleasant to think about for a few days.
I'll linking to your site for the melanoma videos, and I think your blog's great. Keep kickin ass, girlie, and you and your CT results will be in my thoughts! Before you know it, we'll be seeing who's doing more 5kS!

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